Letter from the CEO

It is indeed an honor for me to inaugurate the first ever company in the area of ethical financing solutions and services of its kind, CoinFunded AB, here in Sweden. It was first realized as a challenge but we embraced that challenge because we see a world of green and alternative financing options, collaborative businesses, collective growth, long term sustainability and dominance of socially responsible businesses.

In order to realize this dream, it is considered important for the Company to follow specific Business Conduct Guidelines i.e. ("The Guidelines").

The guidelines make sure that the necessary ethical principles and standards are in place while operating the various functions of the company, and guide employees in their day-to-day work operations, and also the assessment of the outputs of team deliverables. The guidelines act as a tool defining how corporate decisions should be carried out and behavior should be adopted during situations involving ethical issues. The guidelines encompass business objectives through the exercise of good business ethics.

All of us, including board members and employees must acknowledge the fact that we being part of our company inherit the ethical behavior mentioned in the Guidelines and can affect our business objectives as these are directly related, hence therefore we must strive for human rights, for caring the environment and for the welfare of animals, which makes the most part of our CSR policy and our company's basic foundations.

We at CoinFunded, promise that we would work in close collaboration with the governments institutions, non profits, corporations, public and private organizations who ensure transparency, equality, social responsibility and who take a step forward to make this world a better place. We must also know that we are here to win the hearts and minds of our clients by practicing the highest professional behavior, investing not only money but also virtue in our society and finding innovative ways to reach maximum client satisfaction.

I'm honored to work with my extraordinary collegues who do their best to make this ethical dream(Funding ethical companies) possible through their hard work, passion and enthusiasm. Very best wishes,

Azam Sher

Chief Executive Officer