What are cookies?

Cookies are small chunk of code snippets that are used to track information on user browsing sessions and save certain information on server such as user 's usernames and password that are necessary to provide a more customized and a smooth web experience. You can enable, disable, delete or remove cookies from your computer or browser at any time. Information on deleting the cookies is freely available on various other internet sites.

Why our platform uses cookies?

At our platform we use cookies to give you a more smoother and a more 'easy to use' customer experience. We use cookies to authenticate a user which meaning

  • When did you log in to our platform
  • To provide you a more personalized views based on your interest s, likes and dislikes We use cookies to provide a more secure environment on our platform.

We use cookies for localization purposes, which means to offer you a more localized customer experiences like you might see your local currency, local language.

What are session variables?

Session variables hold user -specific information when users are logged in to our platform and all this information goes under a secure environment. Session variables identify you a unique user and offer a more personalized navigation between the web pages at our platform. Session variables are destroyed when a user log out of the platform.

Why we use session variables?

We use session variables to identify a user to increase the performance of the server and to keep track when user navigate through the different web pages.

What is a Java Script?

A Java script is used to create an interactive effect within the user's web browser like Google chrome, Safari, Internet explorer.

Why we use Java scripts?

On the client side we use Java scripts to make the user experience better and sleeker with the help of:

  • Animation effects
  • Data validation
  • Performing basic calculations