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Coinfunded is a Stockholm based funding platform that provides funding solutions to sustainable and creative projects and businesses. Our platform provides crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending and loan brokerage solutions to entrepreneurs while offering an opportunity for investors to invest in profitable businesses and projects.
Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a business, project or venture by raising monetary contributions such as money from a large number of people via an Internet-based platform.
We offer the following funding solutions: - Equity-based crowdfunding - Loan-based crowdfunding - Reward-based crowdfunding or Donation - Grant - Peer-to-peer lending - Bank loan brokerage.

A campaign is a limited operation with clear a goal that the campaign creator would like to achieve. It can be start or expand a business etc. Target amount is the total amount that a campaign creator needs to achieve his/her goals.

An entrepreneur is an individual person (or a group of individuals), a registered company or a non-profit organisation that creates campaign in order to raise money and realize a business idea. An investor is an individual person or a registered company that invests or lends money to a particular campaign.

Donator or contributor is an individual person, a registered company or a non-profit organisation that donates money to campaigns on our platform.

Return is the compensation an investor gets for his or her invested money. A return can be dividends, interest rate and a percentage of profit when a company goes public or be acquired.

A "perk" is a special gift that you give to investor or contributors to show gratitude. It can be offered irrespective of the chosen funding source. A "perk" can be a mug, t-shirt, pen, etc. of a maximum value of 1500 SEK.

There is an entrepreneur, i.e. an individual person, a group of individuals, a registered company or a non-profit organisation behind each campaign published on our platform. The entrepreneur or campaign creator has spent time planning the campaign, building the team, designing the product or service, brainstorming what return or reward to offer investors and contributors, making pitch videos to tell the world about his or her product or service. The entrepreneur sets the funding goal and project deadline for each campaign. The entrepreneur promotes his/her campaign to attract investors or donators.
Projects on our platform come from entrepreneurs in Sweden. Our entrepreneurs are ambitious people with business ideas they want to bring to life to and set goals they want to achieve. Every campaign contains that 'something' that the entrepreneur believes in and sees that there is a need or gap to fill in the market.
Investors who invest in campaigns on our platform come from all over the world. Coinfunded has large portfolio of investors who are keen and ready to invest in sustainable and profitable campaigns.
People have different reasons why they want to invest in a particular businesses or business idea. Some investors are looking for businesses that give good return on investment. Some investors are interested in innovative businesses or projects. Other investors want to invest in businesses that have positive impact on the environment and society. There are also people who are just inspired by the entrepreneur's idea and are willing to support that person or his or her idea.
The entrepreneur or campaign creator decides what investors should get in return. Depending on the type of the campaign, investors get different type of returns. Equity-based investments generate yearly dividends, perks and a percentage of the profit. Loan-based investments give a yearly interest rate and possibly perks and a percentage of the profit. Donation or reward-based alternatives give investors mostly perks.
Whether a project is fully funded or partially funded, Coinfunded charges the entrepreneur or campaign creator a success fee of 3 % on lending campaigns and 7 % on equity transactions campaigns. Besides the success fees users will also a third party charges between such as payment services fees (1-3 %) such as Paypal and PayEx.

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