General Rules

Section A

  1. CoinFunded platform is only for those users who comply with CoinFunded Rules and Regulations.
  2. For an entrepreneur before fundraising on CoinFunded platform it is extremely important to hold a mutually signed copy of the contract for fundraising.
  3. All business transactions are governed by the laws of the Kingdom of Sweden.
  4. The Entrepreneur and the Investor should remain completely responsible to comply with their local laws and must comply by their local tax and financial laws.
  5. In case if a user is not abiding by the local laws and or our Rules and Regulations, We may have the right to terminate any contract whatsoever with the User of CoinFunded platform.
  6. During termination or before and/or after the termination, if there arise any loss that is financial, material or reputation or whatsoever of nature, CoinFunded would stand not liable for any of these loses.

Rules for Investors

Section B

  1. If the User is engaged in any activity to fund, donate, lend or invest in any project by using our platform, the user is classified as an 'Investor'.
  2. If you use our platform to search for business deals in order to invest, lend or donate, you must abide by the General Rules- Section A mentioned above.
  3. An Investor must know that by engaging in the investment process means taking financial risks. CoinFunded does not guarantee for any payment or reimbursement against any lost money or time or any other resources. It is the investor's own self-dependent decision to whether donate, lend or invest in any business or not. CoinFunded platform and our team only explain the risks and opportunities in any particular project or business deal in order but it is the investor who has the final decision.
  4. Once the money is invested, donated or lended, it is a mutual decision between the entrepreneur and the investor to proceed with
    1. the investment process or
    2. payback the pledged funds. CoinFunded does not facilitate in the process of payback of the pledged funds if there arise any conflict between the two parties.
  5. Pledged funds are transferred to the entrepreneur's bank account simultaneously or after the total pledged amount is completed.
  6. CoinFunded does not charge the Investors on their deals or investment in projects on our Platform.
  7. Investors, lenders and donators must not involve in any activity that is qualified as money laundering according to the laws of the Kingdom of Sweden and the European Union. If we find any donator, lender or investor involving in any such activities we reserve the right to report these issues, cases to the concerned authorities like the Swedish Police, the Financial Regulatory Authorities in the Kingdom of Sweden and the European Union.
  8. Investors must not fund any project that can assist businesses related to alcohol, weapons, war, terrorism, lotteries or involving the violation of human rights and children rights.
  9. The Investor must be very careful in investing in foreign projects or companies. The investor must contact us before investing in foreign companies or projects.
  10. Investors must abide by the CoinFunded's Guidelines.

Rules for Entrepreneurs

Section C

  1. If a user is engaged in any activity to raise funds for their businesses or projects with the help of our platform, the user is classified as an 'Entrepreneur' or 'Campaign creator'.
  2. The entrepreneurs must comply with the General Rules mentioned above.
  3. The entrepreneurs must show full commitment to achieve the results and promises on their projects presented to the investors.
  4. The entrepreneurs must warrant that their projects do not infringe any other party's intellectual property rights.
  5. The entrepreneur is responsible for his or her own intellectual property rights.
  6. Upon receiving the funds from investors, the entrepreneurs must inform the investors about the funds that are being transferred from the investors.
  7. The entrepreneurs must maintain a transparent and honest communication with the investors.
  8. The entrepreneur must inform investors about the whole picture of the project by providing information about both the risk and opportunities in the project while refraining from speculation involving in the project.

Rules If the User is both the Entrepreneur and the Investor

Rules described in General Rules and both Section A and Section B apply on the User who is both the Entrepreneur and the Investor.

Applicable Law and Arbitration

Section D

  1. All the Agreements and the Contracts between CoinFunded and the Entrepreneurs and the Investors would in all respects be construed governed and interpreted in accordance with Swedish Law.
  2. If amicable settlement(s) between CoinFunded and the Entrepreneurs and the Investors cannot be reached, Swedish courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction on all matters connected with the District Court of Stockholm (Sw. Stockholm's Tingsrätt) as first venue.


  1. Every User has the right to terminate or put down their campaign or project at any time during the very first 7(seven) days after the User submits his or her campaign to CoinFunded team or create a campaign on CoinFunded platform himself/herself.
  2. Within the above mentioned time duration a written notice of termination or putting down the campaign should be sent by email to with a clearly mentioned subject " Campaign: Termination" with the User account information like name, address and personal number.
  3. An acknowledgment email would be sent in 48 hours after the User send his or her email for terminating the campaign.