Our Services

Coinfunded can be the entrepreneur’s partner right from the first phase of a project to the final signing of term sheets. We have a team of consultants and a network of partners all working together to give businesses what they need in order to grow and succeed.


We will broker loans, help with grants, and support you as you apply for investment from banks, government bodies, Angels, and VCs. We also broker crowdfunding and peer-to-peer loans on our platform.

Business Growth

Our consultants will help you with the growth of your business by helping you to make forecasts and business plans.

Campaign Support

If you are seeking investment, we can help you with your marketing and pitch creation. Whether you are pitching to traditional investors or creating a public crowdfunding campaign, we can help you to target your message so it’s persuasive and powerful.

Our Packages

1. Initial package: pitch

2. Bronze Package: business plan + financial forecast

3. Silver Package: pitch + business plan + financial forecast

4. Gold Package: pitch + business plan + financial forecast + marketing plan

Our loan brokerage service is completely independent from lenders. We mediate loans from several of the leading banks for our customers to obtain favourable loan terms. Loan expenses can have a huge affect on a household or a business economy. Our job is to help individuals and businesses to reduce their loan expenses for both secured and unsecured loans. By comparing offers and conditions from several banks our customers can get better loan conditions.
Type of loans:


The microloan allows you to borrow between 200.000 SEK and 500.000 SEK without any financial security required. To enhance to your chances to get a microloan you can have one or more guarantors.


You need to borrow 300.00 SEK and have 4 guarantors.

Guarantor 1 secures 100.00 SEK of the total amount = 33%

Guarantor 2 secures 50.00 SEK of the total amount = 17%

Guarantor 3 secures 80.00 SEK of the total amount = 27%

Guarantor 4 secures 70.00 SEK of the total amount = 23%

the loan is secured = 100%

The loan application is free and can be done on our platform. The information you provide is protected.


The macroloan allows you to borrow between 500.000 SEK and 5.000.000 SEK. Macroloans require full or partial security.