Meet Our Team members in Sweden

Azam Sher Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Areas of work: Fund raising, Business Development, Business Relations, Market Strategies. 3-5 years experience in the above mentioned fields.

Lars Nilsson Dag Director

Areas of work: Fund raising, venture capital investments, business angel investments. 8 years working experience in the field of raising venture capital.

Shadi Arafa Chief Technical Officer

Areas of work: Shadi is a change agent and problem solver with a passion for technology, skilled at both big picture and detailed solutions implementation. Shadi also excels at building and motivating focused technical teams. He has worked as a Chief Technical Leader at the University of UmeƄ. At the Royal Institute of Technology(KTH), Stockholm where he has received his master degree in Information and Communications Systems Security.

Younas Pervaz Chief Financial Officer

Areas of work: Financial Planning, Financial Management, Risk Management. 13 years of work experience while working in FABG finance, Gota Finance, Gota Bank, Nordea, Swedbank.

Sheldon Lee Investment Adviser

Areas of work: Sheldon has very good skills in financial planning, business model evaluation and corporate finance. He has received his experience in corporate banking and finance while working in an investment bank in the Corporate and Investment Banking Division in London. Sheldon has his education at the master level from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden in Industrial Management and from Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines de Nancy, Nancy, France in Industrial Engineering.

Robin Oz Accountant

Areas of work: Accounting, bookkeeping, PR. 4 years working experience in these fields.

Shaun Armstrong Financial Adviser

Areas of work: A knowledgeable, dedicated and client orientated professional with extensive experience in international financial planning, investment, pension planning, insurance and forex. Shaun's areas of specialization include: Investment Portfolio Management, Investment solutions. He has got his education from the University of Stockholm , Australian Securities & Investments Commission and Chartered Insurance Institute London.

Robert Camerini Legal Advisor

Areas of work: Legal advice, legal contract binding, purchase shares contract. More than 10 years working experience in these fields.

Alan Pritchard Consultant

Areas of work: project management, technology resourcing-innovation, concept development, commercialization, operations. 5 years experience working in the above mentioned fields.


Meet Our Team members in United States of America

Albin Broman Manager Investor Relations, USA

Areas of work: marketing, advertising and working before as chairman for his own companies, fund raising. More than 5 years experience in running small and medium size businesses.