It is requested to all the users of CoinFunded platform to read these Terms of Use (the "Agreement" or "Terms of Use") before you proceed to utilize or use any service (the service owned and operated by the Company) offered by CoinFunded AB. This Agreement is meant for binding terms and conditions for your use of our platform offered at our website or

By using the Service offered by our company you therefore agree to be bound by this Agreement. We reserve the right to amend the contents of this Agreement at any time without any prior notice. If we would amend this Agreement you would be informed though displaying text in red color at the bottom of the main page where you can click on that red text and it would take you to an updated page where you can see that updated Agreement.

Our Users

Everybody who visit our platform at or are the users of CoinFunded. These users may or may not be registered users. When you register with us you become the member of CoinFunded community.

The time you become the member you are free to create a campaign, fund a campaign, comment on a campaign or can send an email to the creator of the campaign.

Age Restriction

You may use CoinFunded Service if

  • If you are at least 18 years of age.
  • You are not using somebody else log in credentials.
  • Your membership has not been restricted or suspended by CoinFunded team.

Campaign Creators

Campaign creators are those members who create campaign contents by filling in all the relevant information via our vetting process in order to collect funds by offering rewards in the form of perks.

Campaign contents can be text, images, video, audio, artwork, software , script.

Campaign creators can upload all or some of these content types during the campaign creation process and raise funds.

Campaign Funders

Campaign funders are those members who exchange money for perks in order to fund campaign creator for his/her ethical idea.

Campaign Collaborators

Campaign collaborators are those members who help campaign creators with content writing, financial calculations, can provide any other assistance that can help make the campaign more targeted and professional.

General Information

  • We may terminate your access to our platform without any cause or notice. We might delete your account information at any time without providing you any reason.
  • If you want to delete your account with us you can do so at any time following the instructions given at our site.

In case of loss of Campaign Contents or financial damages

CoinFunded company or its team or its owners or directors or board or content providers in no way what so ever stay responsible for any

  • loss of content material-data loss direct or indirect.
  • financial loss
  • or any other loss that can affect campaign creator's business, campaign itself, reputation, or any other thinkable loss.

Regulation and Implementation of Law

These terms of Use is applicable under the law regulated in the Kingdom of Sweden

Language of Agreement

This Agreement of Use can be translated and provided in other Nordic languages but only the Agreement written in English would govern.

Communication with Law Enforcement Authorities

If we notice any action taken that is illegal or may lead to illegal we may report to the law enforcement authorities.

If you are not clear about anything on this Agreement please feel free to contact us.

Contact Us

You being the user of our platform can contact us at: