CoinFunded platform offers a safe and secure environment to ensure a trusted fund raising experience. During a user's browsing, donating, funding or lending activities, CoinFunded provides a secure online experience under Symantec Class 3 EV SSL CA-G3 certificate. This certificate safeguards all of your transactions on our platform. Our servers are installed with the most advance versions of standard antivirus programs to secure our servers from any malicious content. The technical team at CoinFunded consistently monitors our servers and make sure that all users get quality experience.

Fraud Detection

Our priority is to have a safe or trustworthy platform. Before every campaign is launched on our platform our team of experts reviews all the information provided by both entrepreneur and investor. We also do a background and credit check to make sure our users are who they claim to be.

Support Team

If you have any query regarding fundraising, investment or borrowing and lending feel free to ask any question to Customer Support Team. Customer Support Team can be contacted by: Contacting through live chat, video/voice calling and reaching out at helpdesk.

Keeping CoinFunded's Community Safe

Users are requested to report any malicious or fraudulent content to the Support Team. Activities like hacking, stealing patented ideas or sketches or any such activity would be dealt under the Swedish laws and regulations. If you notice that someone else without your prior permission has used the information in your campaign, you should immediately report this matter to the Support Team. Be a responsible entrepreneur and reply to users who ask questions regarding your project or campaign idea.

Be a responsible and smart campaigner

When you write about your campaign do not include material or content that is against any ethnicity or religion or country. It should be thought of as much good as for the whole humanity. Your campaign should propose a solution to the problem at hand. You can further propose how you are or would solve that particular problem. The content of your campaign should be very clear and easy to understand. Always think in your mind why a contributor, funder, investor, lender should fund your campaign. Switch your role from entrepreneur to an investor and ask why would I fund this campaign or project. It would give you a good start to understand how investors or lenders think about projects.

Some questions that you can ask yourself

Is my idea unique? Am I solving the problem? Am I solving the right problem? Is it a better way to solve a particular problem? Is your project fundable? Is your idea scalable, expandable? Think about cost and quality variables. There is a large number of questions that you may encounter during the campaign process but it is always better to start answering the basic questions first. You need to be communicative and focused and provide accurate details about your campaign. Your user profile should have your own original data. You need to be active while using your social media tools throughout the campaign period of 30, 45 or 60 days.

When you contribute to a campaign

If you are contributing against a campaign it is better to read and understand everything about the campaign you are contributing to. It is better to contact the campaigner or team behind it and ask questions if you are not sure about something. It is the campaigner or team responsibility to answer any question that you may pose to them. If you do not hear anything from the team or campaigner for a very long time, it is advisable not to contribute. Please note that since we are only operational in Europe, any campaigner from other parts of the world by rules should not create any campaign at our platform and hence as a contributor it is suggested to avoid and not fund all those campaigns that belong to other parts of the world except western Europe.

An incentive to nonprofit organizations

CoinFunded does not charge nonprofit organizations listed or registered in the Kingdom of Sweden or Western Europe. If you are campaigning for an NGO you are more than welcome to raise funds without paying any platform charges. The NGO only pays for the payment services charges.