Ethical Investing, the smart choice for the future

Ethical Investing supports businesses that incorporate good ethical standards into every aspect of their business practices. CoinFunded fosters an ecosystem of partnerships around the world among investors and financial institutions who are co-creating an alternative finance system to support ethical business.

We encourage campaigners to emphasize their business practices that have a positive impact on human health, social welfare, animal welfare, or the environment. Any business that meets our standards is welcome to create a campaign on the CoinFunded platform.

Our guidelines prevent the approval of any business that is clearly unethical. We will not have any involvement with companies that sell weapons, traffic humans or human parts, abuse animals, harm children, or harm society. Companies may not be involved in the black market. We will not support gambling or the sale of illegal narcotics. We do not allow businesses to abuse their employees, or unfairly manipulate customers or markets.

When a project is submitted to CoinFunded, the screening process begins. Projects are screened for their scalability and profitability, and for their ethical standards. The ethical screening is performed by an independent review committee.

This committee looks at four areas of ethics: human health, the environment, social welfare, and business. The committee has guidelines for making its decision on whether to approve or disapprove of a project, but is free to make independent judgements that take the full context of the proposed project into account. The process is democratic, and no member of the committee sees the decision of the other members until the voting is done.

If you want to create a future where everyone’s health, dignity, and safety are protected, then ethical investing is the smart choice. We want you to be a part of our work to build the ethical financial system we all deserve.