Finance can and should be different. We see no obstacles to a truly ethical financial system, where customers, entrepreneurs, and investors big and small collaborate on getting good projects funded, and everyone benefits. We can share information and resources better than ever before, and Coinfunded is taking advantage of this to create a financial services organization that blends the best of traditional and alternative finance.

Coinfunded started in May 2013 as an ethical business consultancy, and created relationships with clients, investors, and financial services organizations both in Sweden and abroad. Now, we are part of a rich ecosystem of business coaches, mentors, investors, venture capitalists, banks, business angels, and accelerators. We are continuing to build connections in the international alternative finance network. Our consulting work shapes business directly, and our brokerage services empower business owners to make their visions a reality.

We build relationships with entrepreneurs based on trust. They can bring their projects to us for development and financing, trusting that we are a committed group who will be with them every step of the way. Through Coinfunded, they can create the blend of funding options and advice that they need.

Investors can trust that our hands-on approach and our independent review process will lead to investment opportunities that are ethical, scalable, and profitable. They can choose the projects that suit them best, knowing that Coinfunded is actively involved with each client to ensure their success.

Alternative finance is about taking advantage of new methods and new technologies to democratize financial power. Coinfunded has expanded its services to include alt-finance methods such as crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending. With these additions, not only can entrepreneurs get our support for their idea, but they can directly validate ideas with their target customers, and create a groundswell of support for their project as it is being developed.

These new tools allow entrepreneurs, banks, investors, and customers to collaborate like never before. Our platform is here to facilitate this collaboration, and we can’t wait to see what we all build, together.