CoinFunded Ethical Guidelines and CoinFunded User Code of Conduct

Users of Coinfunded platform who via CoinFunded resources, are about to participate in the activities such as: applying for corporate loans, getting investment from business angels, getting investment from venture capitalists or applying for grants from the public sector organizations here by confirm that these Users solemnly declare that they would provide authentic information during the course of their application period and or beyond this period if asked or requested verbally or in written by the Coinfunded team.

  1. These Users declare that they would use the services provided by Coinfunded AB or Coinfunded platform in as positive manner as possible and would not harm, damage, sabotage CoinFunded's services or platform.
  2. Every user of the Coinfunded would actively participate to practice the highest professional behavior by maintaining a good balance between business's profit generating activities and the activities which are dedicated for the well being of human beings, delivering great care towards the environment and enact complete assurance for the protection of animal welfare.
  3. Users are allowed to get financing from CoinFunded and or its partners but they can only use this financing for the intended purpose for which they have explicitly expressed and shown interest on their application form or business plans.
  4. Users are not allowed to invest, fund or help financially or morally explicitly or implicitly any other person or company or organization or state or institution or group that involve in activities such as harming other human beings, terrorist activities, money laundering, investing in casinos, online games that promote violence among kids or adults, promoting hatred among human beings, racism of any kind, human disrespect, false propaganda, genocide, use of weapons, inciting war or war like situation, sexual harassment, violating children rights, promoting religious contents in any form, investing in any kind lottery, lobbying for extremist organizations, lending further to other person or company, lending to other person or company for higher interest rate or misusing of the basic purpose of corporate finance.
  5. Users are requested to cooperate during the monitoring process when they get financing from CoinFunded and or its partners. Users can be banned, fined or temporarily or permanently suspended from the service if found during or after the ill use of financing obtained from Coinfunded and or its partners. In severe cases Users can be requested to send back the whole amount of financing obtained from CoinFunded and or its partners.
  6. Users are not allowed to support morally or financially research projects at any institution in the world that violate animal welfare.
  7. Users adhere that they would not use the financing obtained in activities that lead to corruption, intimidation, and bribery, bureaucratic tactics that spoil the original meaning of entrepreneurship.
  8. Users should promote transparency, diversity, and equality during the provision of employment opportunities for both genders, and providing leniency and welcoming attitude during the provision of employment opportunities for young job seekers.
  9. Users are not allowed to fund, finance or invest in activities that involve: drugs, narcotics, alcohol that is considered unlawful or illegal in the Kingdom of Sweden.
  10. Users are not allowed to use the financing obtained for throwing parties.
  11. Users are not allowed to send by any means the financing obtained outside the Kingdom of Sweden. The obtained fundings should be consumed and are meant to be used inside the Kingdom of Sweden.
  12. Users are not allowed to confront other fellow Users or their businesses but rather cooperate.
  13. Users are not allowed to cheat customer or take advantage of customer's lack of knowledge, wisdom, competence, ability or capability.
  14. Users are not allowed to present corrupt or incomplete information or amalgamate information in such a way that the customer should be tricked or forced to buy member's product or service.
  15. Users are not allowed to gamble in any form what so ever
  16. Users should not fund any activity that is based on unjustifiable market speculation.
  17. Users are not allowed to involve in activities that may lead to hoarding.
  18. Users are not allowed to fund or promote financially or morally the abuse of child rights.
  19. Users are encouraged to promote awareness of the disadvantages of Genetic Modified Organisms.
  20. Users are not allowed to fund activities such as human trafficking, running brothels, pornographic imagery, human body parts donation or bargaining of human beings with in the Kingdom of Sweden or outside.
  21. Users are not allowed to fund, invest or promote any competition that involves animal participation.
  22. Users are not allowed to fund, invest or promote bullying, suicide and advertisement of products or services that are not meant for children.
  23. Users adhere firmly to these Ethical Guidelines and User Code of Conduct that the financing obtained would not be used in any form of propaganda against the state of Sweden and the United Nations.