Our crowdfunding services suit investors who are looking for investment opportunities that give a good return on investment. Lenders who are want to lend money to both businesses and individuals and get a good interest. Donors who want to give money to interesting business and projects and get a reward in return.


Equity-based crowdfunding suits entrepreneurs who want to raise equity from several investors to get started or expanding operations. In exchange investors receive a partial ownership in the company.


Loan-based crowdfunding suits entrepreneurs who want to fund their businesses with loans from a large group of investors so called crowd lenders.


Donation or reward-based crowdfunding is an attractive source of funding for small businesses and projects. Businesses and non-profit organisations of all sizes looking for funding can use our donation service to raise a certain amount capital. In return for a donation, the business or non-profit gives some time of incentive for contributing.

Peer-To-Peer Lending

Peer-to-peer lending gives investors (individuals and companies) the possibility to directly lend money to attractive businesses/projects or other individuals. Our platform serves as a meeting point for entrepreneurs and investors and excludes unnecessary intermediaries. Peer-To-Peer lending has become an established investment options in the United States and many European countries. The European Peer-To-Peer lending market reached €3 billion in loan volume in 2014 and is expected to continue to grow very strongly for next 10 years. We handle the administrative process, from providing legally correct loan documents, scrutiny the loan applications and do thorough background checks on all the companies before they are registered to be able to apply for loans. As an investor you always need to do your own analysis before you decide to invest.